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From Andrew Wilson <>
Subject re: Apache Licensing
Date Fri, 08 Sep 1995 10:07:40 GMT
David Oliver:
> > >From John_Landwehr@NeXT.COM  Wed Sep  6 10:32:38 1995
> > Can you provide me with licensing information for this?  Keep in mind that  
> > WebObjects is a commercial product (will be sold for $$$).
> 	Perhaps it would be beneficial to put the Apache license
> 	verbage (that stuff that appears in the code) out on the
> 	Web Site along with a more detailed "statement of purpose"
> 	in which to frame this verbage.

This seems like a good idea.  I'm chatting to some commercial people about
connecting one of their products to the Apache API, and I'm sure I'm not the
only person here doing that.  Whilst it's vital to not deflect the present
aim to produce a good webserver, free of unnecessary constraints and kludges,
it'd also be wise to have documentation to hand which can assist commercial
operations in adapting the software to their needs.

> dave	
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