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From Andrew Wilson <>
Subject Re: WEIRD problem with MIME & images & permissions (fwd)
Date Fri, 08 Sep 1995 10:01:48 GMT
> At 6:27 PM 9/7/95, Rob Hartill wrote:
> >XBITHACK the revenge...
> >
> >
> >Forwarded message:
> (...snip...)
> >> If an inline GIF or JPG image file has the user execute bit set, no matter
> >> what other permissions are set to (at least such that the server can read
> >> the file) then apache returns the MIME type as text/html.  This seems to
> >> only be manifested as a problem with NCSA Mosaic for Windows 2.0final beta,
> >> which shows the Error! icon instead.  Other browsers seem to ignore the MIME
> >> type returned and read the image anyway.
> (...snip...)
> I saw this too, and did the obvious:
> find /www -name "*.gif" -exec chmod -x "{}" ";"
> find /www -name "*.jpg" -exec chmod -x "{}" ";"
> ...
> Now it is "fixed"!
> -ech

This has been a 'feature' since NCSA 1.3, note that the server is also parsing the
.gif file for SSI as well as chucking out a strange mime type.  It's a case
of the documentation not being completely thorough:

	"Don't set your GIFs u+x cuz strange things will happen"

It is clearly inappropriate (because I say so!) to go hacking the server
so that it doesn't parse .gif files.

In almost every case that I've received .GIF files from NFS PC's
writing to a UNIX collection area, the damn things have turned up with uog+x
perms.  This is just something I live with, amicably. [Except when all my
wonderful images come out in plaintext... ;)]


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