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From Andrew Wilson <>
Subject Re: Netcraft Web Surver Survey
Date Wed, 06 Sep 1995 20:24:20 GMT
> In the interests of fairness.. should VirtualHosts count as separate servers? 
> I noticed that BESTWWWD counted for 131 hosts.. and that Organic's hosts were
> well represented even though they are all on the same machine.  Hmm, I
> suppose there's no way to catch that since the IP numbers are different - at
> least a catch to make sure no two hosts have the same IP number would be
> appropriate methinks. 

Valid points.  But suppose the question was not:

	"How many apache servers are there out there?"

but rather:

	"How many people choose to have their information hosted
	on an apache server?"

Checking for 'same IP' is relatively easy and worth considering.  We may
be able to give an answer to:

	"How many Apache server's are used in Virtual Hosting mode?"


> Otherwise, it looks very thorough.

There are bound to be faults, the moreso in our own interpretation, which is
why we've published as much as we can. People with better analytical minds, or
with different points of view should be able to make what they will of this

Incidentally, I'd have published this myself on COMMA if I'd been unable to
find support with the current host site.  If nothing else, I feel that this
information in its raw state can be of great use to software developers.

> 	Brian
> --=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=--
>  http://www.[hyperreal,organic].com/


     Andrew Wilson	     URL:
Elsevier Science, Oxford   Office: +44 01865 843155    Mobile: +44 0589 616144

ps.	I realise this stuff isn't of direct relevence to the development
	of software, so I'm happy to chat off list of people would prefer.
	'sup 2 U. ;)

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