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From Andrew Wilson <>
Subject Re: CD-manf shipping Apache?
Date Wed, 06 Sep 1995 09:23:57 GMT
> I was just contacted by RedHat Commercial Linux people.  They 
> produce a Linux CD, with their own set of programs.  They're 
> releasing a new CD, RHCL v2.0 soon, and they wanted to include
> Apache instead of NCSA.  
> They wanted 0.8.8, I told them about 0.8.12+, but I remember a 
> discussion about not allowing CD-vendors to put apache on their
> CD til 1.0.  Did we ever do this?  Can they put in 0.8.12 on their
> CD?

There's no way for us to prevent anyone bundling Apache along with any
of their CDROM distributions, we merely stipulate that they do not
resell Apache, nor should they charge an excessive ammount for distribution.
As such our position on this issue is worded (I won't say 'clearly worded')
in the licence we carry on all source files.

FreeBSD are already supporting 0.8.11, though clearly this is a questionable
choice, since:

a)	0.8.11 is no longer current
b)	the successor 0.8.12 isn't really ready for a release on an untutored
	web-admin public.

In my opinion we should strongly recommend that CDrom publishers do not
issue Apache with their distributions until such time as Apache is
sufficiently idiot proofed.  I understand this last aim to be implicit in the "wait till 1.0
comes out" statement.


> <Aram>
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> Aram W. Mirzadeh, MIS Manager, Qosina Corporation
> Apache httpd server team

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