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From Rob Hartill <>
Subject votes on 0.8.12 patches
Date Tue, 05 Sep 1995 13:01:57 GMT

Here are the ones I tried...

+1 01_lock_fname.0.8.12.patch
+1 02_NeXT_fixes.0.8.12.patch
+1 04_util_cleanup.0.8.12.patch
+1 05_nego_cleanup.0.8.12.patch
+1 06_ignore_index.0.8.12.patch
+1 08c_LynxOS_new_gmtoff.0.8.12.patch
+1 09_no_bsd_conf.0.8.12.patch
+1 11_imap_point.0.8.12.patch
+1 12_virt_server_name.0.8.12.patch
+1 14_mod_dir_cosmetics.0.8.12.patch

No vetos.

+1 on an extended deadline.

The following patches didn't get a vote...

03_utsname_svr4.0.8.12.patch  doesn't say *why* "gethostname()" needs to

07_interrupt_accept.0.8.12.patch is Linux dependent. It looks dubious
after taking rst's comments into consideration, but I'll leave it to
the Linux  people to decide what's best for them. I'll even switch to a +1
if you need help to get it in.

10_dynamic_load.0.8.12.patch compiles OK - that's as far as my testing went.

15_log_config_integer_time.0.8.12.patch looks okay, but isn't something
I'll have time to check. Lobby me if you need a +1

16_virtual_maxopenfiles.0.8.12.patch  is BSD dependant so I can't test it.


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