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From Andrew <>
Subject Re: SHTTP for Apache
Date Sat, 30 Sep 1995 12:00:16 GMT
> > 1)	there's nothing to stop other people from developing
> > 	SHTTP/SSL/PGP/PEM whatever modules, and managing their
> > 	distribution and maintainence independently of the Apache Group
> OK, but since SSL works at the connection level, there would have to be
> some hooks to allow us to take over accept, bind, read, write and the like.
> This is undoubtedly related to the OS independence stuff.

Yep.  There are mumblings that Apache might be a good prospect for porting to
NT, so there's another reason for trying to go for OS independence at
some time after 1.0

> > 2)	the server as distributed should not contain any code
> > 	that would break a nation's law
> Hmm, whilst this is a nice principle, it may get a bit difficult in practise.
> We'll probably have to settle for most nations, not all.

Well, I was referring to the 'PGP is munitions' stuff that's rampant
in the states right now.  I'm not aware of any other 'laws' that we'd
be infringing.  I'd rather that there was one single source tree for
the server, with a decent API for extra funky stuff to be coded up, rather
than their being an Apache-1.0(Europe), Apache-1.0(US) distinction.  I
note that Netsite is bundled in two variants, the US version carrying
some encryption technology that can't be exported.  I don't think that's
a useful precedent to follow; if modules can't do *everything* we want
then we should try to ammend the module/API, rather than carry two or more
complete source trees.

> > > I have come across various others interested in this. I offer to (attempt to)
> > > coordinate the various groups.
> > 
> > You will find some useful pointers to this in the mailing list's archives,
> > available on, DNS permitting.
> Pointers to what, exactly?

Beth Franks (NCSA) contacted Apache Group and told us that we'd better
watch out.  There was quite a bit of "To hell with the law" chat before
people wised up and settled for an easy life; removing the hooks. As
for coordinating internet projects, well, none of has a clue ;)

> Cheers,
> Ben.
> Ben Laurie                  Phone: +44 (181) 994 6435

Cheers, (yeah, it's a drink-oriented culture)

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