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From Cliff Skolnick <>
Subject Re: Intel Catalog is Bogus!
Date Thu, 28 Sep 1995 00:22:09 GMT
If I had know this...I never would have forwarded the
request to the list...very slimey.



> Hey Randy, have you tried entering the Apache info into the
> Intel Catalog of Web products?  If you haven't, don't bother.
> They have been bugging the W3C for weeks, and after we finally
> filled-out all the forms, the final form consists of a legal
> agreement by which we, by submitting the form, are agreeing to
> sell or promote Intel products on our website.
> Screw that!  They actually try to stick a legal agreement in
> with this bogus "service to the community". Slimey as hell.
> .....Roy

I have submitted it. We can back out of it with 30 days notice.

I read the legal agreement to mean that we could put their little
icon in some lower level page saying "Apache featured here".

Makes no difference to me either way.  I'll mail the legal agreement
to those who are interested, or the list if warranted.

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