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From (Robert S. Thau)
Subject Re: OS/2 Apache
Date Mon, 25 Sep 1995 14:12:36 GMT
The right place to upload them is probably the /pub/httpd/patches/incoming
directory on (though I think people may be able to get files
out of there).

As to timing, that's a tricky issue.  We're trying to get 1.0 out the door,
which means that a lot of people in the group are somewhat antsy at the 
prospect of sizable changes to the source tree at this particular point in
time.  The 1.0 release should probably be happening within the next couple
of weeks, and at that point, wooly enhancements should be a whole lot

(Unfortunately, there isn't an "experimental source tree" which your
OS/2 port could be plugged into, which is different from the public source
tree --- either it stays out of the source tree, *or* it goes public; there
isn't yet any third option). 

BTW, the changes from 0.8.13 to 0.8.14 weren't terribly sizable --- it's
possible that your patch still works as is, and almost certain that the
fixups required to make it work with 0.8.14 are just a line or two here
or there.  You might want to try it out, to see how much trouble it is
to follow along.

[ As a note, you may have guessed that I myself am one of those antsy
  people I mentioned up there --- there's the possibility that I might
  be a bit less antsy after seeing the patches, but that depends on 
  what they look like --- in particular, how deep the changes to the 
  CGI code go ].


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