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From Cliff Skolnick <>
Subject negotiation by user-agent
Date Mon, 25 Sep 1995 09:33:53 GMT

I've run into the need (and did a quick hack to mod_negotiation) to
negotiate based on user-agent.  I think we need to address this as
a group, even though it is a bit distasteful.

Simple mime-type/level will not be effective since browser vendors will
implement new standards piece by piece.  Features would be much
better described in a bit map.

I think changes similar to the language negotiation might be
a way to go about this.  I could create a file index.plain.html and
index.netscape.html and netscape browsers would prefer that to the
index.plain.html.  Alternatively you could do index.table.html to say
this is a document with tables.

Browsers prefs would be driven by a srm.conf directive

AddBrowserPref Mozilla .netscape .plain
AddBrowserPref * .plain

-or similarly-

AddBrowserPref Mozailla .table .background .plain
AddBrowserPref SomeBrowserWithBackgrounds .background .plain
AddbrowserPref * .plain

Please don't ask me for my current hack unless you promise not to
shot me, it is ugly and I will *not* post it as a patch.

Getting back to the bitmap thing, that could be taken even further
into a browser/feature index.  This may be excessive since not
many people would bother to produce many views of the same information.
Many views would be needed to really take advantage of this.

I am not really that up on negotiation and stuff, so I may
be off track here.  I do know I don't like negotiating on the
browser (sort of defeats the point).  Unfortunately mime-stuff
does not cut it because of browser vendors.  Any suggestions/solutions
are welcome.

And finally, text/netscape-html would be a good thing IMHO.  Since
netscape is a superset, it should say that it accepts the superset.
But of course we have no control over that, unless you use my
mod_netscape_fixup module :)


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