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From Roy Fielding <>
Subject Re: flastmod problems in SSI
Date Fri, 22 Sep 1995 20:15:20 GMT
>However, the directory is 755, as are all directories above it.  The
>file is 644 as a .shtml file and/or 744 as a .html file, and the
>account the server is running as has std other perms for the
>filesystem in question.  (A std nfs mount).

odd, very odd.

>Also, I just tested using a symlink from under DocumentRoot to the
>file that is in (my) UserDir.  That works.

Then your access.conf  or .htaccess is not correct, or their is some
weird bug in access checking.  In any case, the error you reported
was coming from Unix, not Apache.  Have you tried the test under gdb?

>Please compare:
>1) <URL:>		file in DocRoot
>2) <URL:>	file in UserDir
>3) <URL:>		a symlink in DocRoot
>						to example 2.
>Seems mod_include and mod_userdir don't get along.

I already tested it on my system, and it works fine.  What happens
if you specifically list Options Includes instead of just Options All?


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