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From "James H. Cloos Jr." <cl...@JHCloos.COM>
Subject Re: flastmod problems in SSI
Date Fri, 22 Sep 1995 05:23:04 GMT
Jim> The error from error_log is:

Jim> unable to get information about Permission denied/index.html in
Jim> parsed file /home/c/cloos/public-web/test.shtml

Roy> That says that the server does not have permission to stat the
Roy> file in question, which means

Roy>    a) the directory has the wrong permission (must be
Roy> readable+executable) b) the file has the wrong permission (must
Roy> be readable) c) the server is running with no permission to do
Roy> anything (sometimes happens on AFS).

However, the directory is 755, as are all directories above it.  The
file is 644 as a .shtml file and/or 744 as a .html file, and the
account the server is running as has std other perms for the
filesystem in question.  (A std nfs mount).

Also, I just tested using a symlink from under DocumentRoot to the
file that is in (my) UserDir.  That works.

Please compare:

1) <URL:>		file in DocRoot
2) <URL:>	file in UserDir
3) <URL:>		a symlink in DocRoot
						to example 2.

Seems mod_include and mod_userdir don't get along.

James H. Cloos, Jr.	include <std/qotd>
James.Cloos@JHCloos.COM	include <std/disclaimers.h>
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