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From Cliff Skolnick <>
Subject Re: Intel architecture Internet and WWW Catalog - Apache
Date Thu, 21 Sep 1995 05:50:20 GMT

Hmm...anyone have the time to do this well?


From: Sheri Schrock <>
Message-ID: <Wed, 20 Sep 95 12:49:01>
Subject: Intel architecture Internet and WWW Catalog - Apache

---------------------------- Forwarded with Changes ---------------------------
From: Sheri Schrock at JFCCM9
Priority: Urgent
Date: 9/13/95 2:29PM
To: at Internet_Gateway
To: Sheri Schrock
Subject: Intel architecture Internet and WWW Catalog - Apache

Thanks for offering to route this to the appropriate person.

Please let me introduce myself.  I am in Intel's Internet Technology Lab, 
and we are developing a catalog of Intel architecture based internet 
solutions that will link to the respective vendor's Web site.  Of course, 
the catalog would not be complete without Apache's participation.

Below please find information about the catalog and how to sign-up.

So far over 300 companies are participating, including most of the major 
players.  We plan to go LIVE on Sept 25 and publish a press release on Oct 
2, so I hope to hear back from you soon.  

If you need additional information or have any concerns, please contact me.

The submission process is pretty simple - you can submit a little or a 
lot of info - but please submit as soon as possible in order to make the 
first release.

Sheri Schrock
Intel Internet Technology Lab
(503) 264-8783

Available in October, Intel's Internet and World Wide Web Catalog will be a 
comprehensive guide to third-party products and services for Intel 
architecture-based Internet and WWW solutions.

The purpose of the catalog is to make it easy for end users to find Intel 
architecture based internet solutions.

In addition to listing your products and services, we will link your 
product, service, and company information to your home page.

For ease of use, there are nine categories, plus the ability to search by 
product, solution, or company.

The catalog categories include:

     Corporate Presence Server (hardware, web server software,
          electronic commerce, data security)
     Routers and Internet Access
     Firewall and Security
     Internal Information Servers using Web technology 
     Internet Services and Applications (e-mail, DNS, USENET) 
     Authoring, Converting and Content Management Tools 
     Network Management
     Consultants and Training

There is no charge to be listed in the Intel Internet and WWW Catalog and 
link to your home page.

To sign-up, please visit the Intel WWW server at

You will find a simple form to provide us with your company and product 

     [The deadline for submitting products for the first rev of the on-line 
     catalog was August 31.  Please ignore the deadline and submit your 
     listing as soon as possible.] - Sheri

The catalog will be available for viewing on Intel's website at the first week of October 1995.

We are looking forward to hearing from you soon!

Intel Corporation
Internet Technology Lab

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