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From Randy Terbush <>
Subject Re: Releasing 1.0
Date Mon, 18 Sep 1995 16:35:03 GMT
> > Can we put together a TODO list for 1.0?  Things seem pretty stable
> > these last couple of releases. It would be nice to knock off 
> > whatever else and see if we can release a *final* beta after
> > the next patch round.  Perhaps 0.8.14 is a 1.0 candidate....
> > 
> sounds good.
> One thing (or things) that would be very useful to add before 1.0
> is more fatal error trapping and reporting. Andy's mentioned this I
> think.

I actually did some looking at some of this over the weekend.
With exception of the problem that Andrew's patch fixed, it looks
like these sorts of errors are handled fairly well. One thing I
am looking at adding is the ability to do a backtrace when we
trap something like sig 10,11.  This is possible in HPsUX, but I
have yet to figure out how this could be done for anything else.

Anyone else know? Tony Sanders could probably tell us how to do
it for BSDI?  :-)

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