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From Paul Richards <>
Subject Re: -d | !-d ? <-
Date Sat, 16 Sep 1995 16:05:52 GMT
In reply to Robert S. Thau who said
> Paul --- I disagree completely about the compatibility picture --- I think
> the ability to use *current* NCSA config files, at least as an option, is
> a major selling point of ours, which is likely to become more so, rather than
> less, if NCSA themselves drop it.
> *Upward-compatible* cleanups might not be a bad idea, and are accomodated
> to a certain extent in the current framework (it is an unadvertised fact,
> for instance, that all three config files have the same syntax in Apache,
> which means that you don't have to worry about which file a particular
> directive goes in --- this is possible because the only things which look
> like conflicts, in access.conf vs. srm.conf, really aren't --- the only
> thing that actually can appear at "top level" in access.conf is <Directory>
> sections, which breaks the ambiguity).
> However, losing compatibility with old setups would be a *big* mistake,
> and I would be strongly opposed to it.

There would have to be a way to handle old files but the current setup is
confusing, there are things defined in multiple places and there are multiple
ways to do the same thing. Some may say that flexibility, my opinion is
it's unecessary complexity. Let's make it a doddle to setup Apache not
something only a Web expert can do.

If NCSA are switching then I think you're wrong about retaining the old style
being attractive. If the new NCSA method is much cleaner and simpler or
simply better in some other way then the results will be people dumping 
Apache for the new NCSA because it's simpler to maintain.

  Paul Richards, Netcraft Ltd.
  Phone: 0370 462071 (Mobile), +44 1225 447500 (work)

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