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From Andrew <>
Subject Re: vote deadline ?
Date Fri, 15 Sep 1995 17:40:41 GMT
> Paul, as the sole author of many files in this distribution (including
> several crucial files in the server core --- alloc.c, http_config.c, 
> http_core.c), I have absolutely no idea why you insist on cutting NCSA
> out of global credit.  Their server, as a whole, *was* the basis for
> our server, as a whole.  What is the problem with saying so?

Patience Rob, let the guy work up a first draft, it's not as if he
hasn't got a full-time job or anything. ;)  There is clearly
no way that any of us would be pleased with a licence (or whatever
it ends up being called) which fails to fairly attribute the work done.
I doubt that there are many arguments that we could put forward of which
Paul has not already had first-hand experience. 

> rst

A smiley a day keeps the flame wars away. ;)


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