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From Paul Richards <>
Subject Re: coordinator
Date Thu, 14 Sep 1995 14:28:44 GMT
In reply to Rob Hartill who said
> > I'm going to take myself off of the list, so you may speak without
> > having to hurt anyone's feelings. 
> Nah, don't do that.

This looks like the typical storm in a teacup but as a general
comment, never take yourself off a list to let other people talk
about you. If people aren't willing to make comments in your presence
then they simply shouldn't be made in a public forum. Any criticisms
of other participants should be on a technical basis (although this
can sometimes include the "technical" issues of how they interact
with other contributers). Technical criticisms stand and fall on
their merit and there's no reason to not be involved in any such

You have to be pretty thick skinned to survive in free software projects :-)

  Paul Richards, Netcraft Ltd.
  Phone: 0370 462071 (Mobile), +44 1225 447500 (work)

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