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From Aram Mirzadeh <>
Subject sorry sorry
Date Wed, 13 Sep 1995 23:26:47 GMT

Again, I have mistated my position, sorry.  I never said I'm leaving the 
group, all I meant to say is that I'll temporary get off the list so that 
other members that may feel the same can reason out without any problems. 
that's all...  I think apache is a great program, with great people working 
on it.  But I thought I should bring it up to see if anyone else felt the
same way.  We don't want to release a bad product and then point fingers
so before we make anything public we should have the right people check
out a newbie's work or take it over.  I don't see a problem with that.

I also seem to have misunderstood what was required for me to do. I thought
I was going to collect the patches, make sure they apply cleanly, compiled
and did not interfered with other patches.  but as rob pointed out me to me
I'm supposed to be checking the patches for good/bad coding, making sure
that the patch does do what it says.  So I was rwrong on that count as well.

And some of other problems were completely my fault.  Belive it or not,  part 
of my real jobs is bug tracking for our internal oracle 7 software and what
I did is mix the two systems up.  

Here, if a patch is submited, it get's a new patch number.  If in the
same periond, ( before a new system is built ) a bug is found in te original
patch then patch#<a..z> patch is created which means the <a..z> patches are 
dependent on the original patch.

Again, in another case, when a new version of the same patch is sumbited as
with the SCO port patch it doesn't get a new number or anything.  It just
replaced the old number.  Why confused yourself with multiple files. 

So, sorry about all the extra mail, and the hassle.  Here is the latest
patches to be tested. 

01_log_config_integer_time.0.8.13.patch - formerly 01a, and 01b
02_http_main_clenaup.0.8.13.patch -- changed from (void *) to (char *)
03_ has been withdrawn 
04_SCOPort.0.8.13.patch -- has been viewed as a possible point of trouble
			I have not had any problems with it though.
			aka 04b_SCOPort.0.8.13.patch 
05_AddDescription.0.8.13.patch  -- no changed 
06_ has been withdrawn 
06a_bsd_next_cleanup.0.8.13.patch  -- no change ( replaced 06_ ) 
07_ has been withdrawn 
08_Wall_hptr.0.8.13.patch -- no change 
09_log_setgrpprivs.0.8.13.patch -- no change
Aram W. Mirzadeh
MIS Manager	To err is human, to really screw up you need a computer.
Qosina Corporation			

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