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From "James H. Cloos Jr." <cl...@JHCloos.COM>
Subject Re: bugs and design/build issues in Apache 0.8.1x (fwd)
Date Wed, 13 Sep 1995 07:08:10 GMT
> From: (Andrew Cromarty)
> Subject: Re: bugs and design/build issues in Apache 0.8.1x
> We needn't beat a dead horse about the Makefile issue, but to answer your 
> questions:
> - I followed the directions, and thus did not use Configure.  The INSTALL
>   file leads the user away from using Configure unless you want to
>   add new modules:
> 	"If you are satisfied with our standard module set, and expect to
> 	continue to be satisfied with it, then you can just edit the stock
> 	Makefile and compile as you have been doing previously.  If you would
> 	like to select optional modules, however, you need to run the
> 	configuration script."
> - Neither the Makefile nor the Config* files set the -ldbm load option with
>   the other LINUXs options, nor document it as required specifically by LINUX.
>   My suggestion was: adding this line to Configuration in the LINUX
>   section probably is easier for you than answering 100's of questions
>   about "why apache doesn't link under Linux."  Your time, your choice....
>   Note also that the Makefile provided with 0.8.13 apparently was not 
>   produced by the current version of Configure and Configuration.
> No need to reply to me on the above.

-ldbm (or -lgdbm) is only needed if you link in mod_auth_dbm, obviously.

OTOH, it'd be a good idea, I think, were the intructions to indicate
that editing Configuration and running Configure are the required
first steps.  Get even the ones who don't want to think about the
modules used to that procedure, in case they get brave. :)

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