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From (Ryan Watkins)
Subject Re: put 0.8.13 in the public dir ?
Date Mon, 11 Sep 1995 19:33:13 GMT

Brian Behlendorf writes:

> On Mon, 11 Sep 1995, Aram W. Mirzadeh wrote:

> > I for one would like to see more advantages for Apache than NCSA.
> > Right now, we're complient, and we do almost everything that NCSA
> > does.  I would like to be able to say Apache can do xxxx where
> > NCSA can't, or their's is not available yet.  I'm not sure what
> > yet, but that would be the best thing for us.
> We should avoid comparitive advertising in our documentation, in my opinion. 
> That said, I would support moving to make Apache support more of the 1.4 and
> 1.5 directives (sans the experimental stuff like kerberos) and keeping the
> "compatibility notes" page as lightweight as possible.

While I havent spoken before on this list, I agree with Brian and
think that working on NCSA 1.5 features, like connection KeepAlive,
Kerberos, etc would be a good idea.  I'd prefer not to have to decide
between the feature sets of both servers - I'd love to see them all
available in Apache.

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