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From Andrew <>
Subject Re: Credits
Date Fri, 08 Sep 1995 16:02:56 GMT
> I have placed a first cut of a CREDITS page on hyperreal.
> I think that we need to get this out there ASAP since we
> are seeing a lot of sign that commercial organizations are
> looking seriously at Apache. It would be nice if RST and 
> others were getting some credit for their contributions.
> If your name should have been on this list, don't shoot me.
> I blame my forgetfulness on years of self abuse.
> Once we decide on the contents of this page, we should create
> a CREDITS page to go in the source.
> The file is writeable by all group members....

Mmm, devisive bullshit?  Please, noone put my name on this list
no matter how many damn patches I give up in the future.


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