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From Paul Richards <>
Subject Re: Netcraft Web Surver Survey
Date Wed, 06 Sep 1995 21:02:59 GMT
In reply to Brian Behlendorf who said
> In the interests of fairness.. should VirtualHosts count as separate servers? 
> I noticed that BESTWWWD counted for 131 hosts.. and that Organic's hosts were
> well represented even though they are all on the same machine.  Hmm, I
> suppose there's no way to catch that since the IP numbers are different - at
> least a catch to make sure no two hosts have the same IP number would be
> appropriate methinks. 

Actually, I like the fact that all virtual hosts are found since it's
usefull to know that is hosted on a particular server. It
skews the survey unfairly if what you want to know is how many installations
of a server are out there though. Maybe next month we can provide both
sets of results.

  Paul Richards, Netcraft Ltd.
  Phone: 0370 462071 (Mobile), +44 1225 447500 (work)

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