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From Roy Fielding <>
Subject Re: patches uploaded on hyperreal
Date Sun, 03 Sep 1995 19:17:09 GMT
>Roy wrote:
>>Since Monday is a holiday in the States, I'm not sure what the timing
>>should be on the next release.  My guess is that anybody working on
>>the code this weekend should apply all the patches and test them out,
>>and that we should plan on a public release Tuesday night.  That also
>>means a vote deadline of Tuesday 4pm EDT, which I am hoping is enough
>>time for people in the UK.
>So when is the deadline for submitting patches?
>(Your wording sounds as though that has already passed.)

No deadline on patches -- I am trying to follow the format RobH has
provided.  Since votes are attached to each patch, late patches are
less likely to obtain the 3 +1 votes, but that is the only restriction.

>A vote deadline of 4pm EDT Tuesday implies a release on Wednesday.

Right, I should have said "building a public release Tuesday night",
since we will want to test it overnight before the public announcement
on Wednesday (assuming it works).


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