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From (David Robinson)
Subject Re: Vote early, vote often...
Date Wed, 23 Aug 1995 16:32:00 GMT
I wrote:
>Rst wrote:
>>Comments on one veto:
>>   patch10.wild-dirs       -1  what about / in wildcards?
>>To answer the question --- we're compatible.  Doing anything else
>>would break peoples' setups --- I'm sure Roy isn't the only person who
>>is counting on "/*/public_html*" to match all UserDirs.
>Actually, we're not compatible. NCSA applies wildcard entries before
>non-wildcard ones, whereas the patch applies them in order. The NCSA
>behaviour is slightly more useful, but I doubt anyone depends on it.
>+1; should the difference is documented?

More importantly, it should be documented that Apache treats all wildcard
Directory entries as though they end in a '*' (nearly).

  <Directory /foo/*/baz>

for NCSA matches /foo/wibble/baz but not /foo/wibble/baz/wombat,
whereas in Apache 0.8.10-patched both directories are matched.


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