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From (David Robinson)
Subject Re: Vote early, vote often...
Date Wed, 23 Aug 1995 15:11:00 GMT
>  I agree with your comments about compatibility.
>Does this mean you rescind the veto?

When I've looked at the patch...

>[ Hmmm... if I left wild-dirs off the ballot, we have a problem.  I vote
>  +1 on the thing, and anyone who has used 11x has tried it out, and is
>  entitled to vote +1 as well... ]

It seems to me that the voting rules have changed somewhat. What used to
happen (and what only I am doing) was:

 people only voted on those patches that they had examined, applied and

What happens now is:
 A single person sets the agenda by selecting patches for a new release.
 Everyone takes a copy of the preliminary version of the new release, and
 votes +1 on all the patches if they don't encounter any problems.

Hence the occurence that there have been four +1 votes for a patch that cannot
be successfully applied to 0.8.10!

Am I not wasting my time here? Wouldn't it be more efficient to take this
to its logical conclusion? i.e. simply chuck all the patches into a new
internal release, drop any peer review of the changes, and hope that any
problems come to light with subsequent testing. 

Of course, this would reinforce the bug-fixers syllogism:
`This bug must be fixed. Here is a patch that fixes the bug.
 Therefore this patch must be applied.' 

(Not that this needs reinforcing on this list 8-) )


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