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From (David Robinson)
Subject Re: Vote early, vote often...
Date Wed, 23 Aug 1995 14:50:00 GMT
>  My main concern is that we should fix the bugs in the directory indexing
>  code before deciding what should go in the srm.conf file.

>Dave, this is asinine.  What's in the srm.conf file right now is *broken*.
>*Bogus*.  *Kaput*.  It just plain doesn't work.  This has been reported to
>us as a bug, more than once.

How am I to know that? Am I expected to go back through all the mail to try
and figure out what a patch is for? On reading the patch I see lots of (to me)
pointless changes, followed by a few sensible mods. Without any information to
the contrary, I would assume that all the changes in the patch have equal

I would rather this patch didn't make the AddIcon changes, but if you assure
me that it is fixing a significant bug, then I'll change my vote to 0.

>And you don't want it fixed because you think we should chnage something
>else first?

That is a completely unwarranted conclusion. When did I say that I didn't
want the DefaultIcon bug fixed? My message was quite specific in restricting
my comments to the AddIcon changes.

(I am guessing that by *broken* you are referring to the DefaultIcon change,
but I don't actually know.)

+1 on bringing back a (the) patch log database.


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