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From (David Robinson)
Subject known bugs
Date Tue, 22 Aug 1995 18:00:00 GMT
Here's my list of known and suspected bugs; could someone add these to the
known bugs list?

Observed bugs:

1.  If ServerName is unset inside a VirtualHost directive, apache does
    not complain.

2.  http_main() does simply calls exit() in several places instead of
    first deleting the scoreboard file.

3.  Does not compile under SCO ODT, which lacks SIGURG and getwd(). 
    Why is getwd() ever needed? It would be best avoided.

4.  Symbolic-link testing should fail safely, instead of allowing access
    whenever it cannot lstat the file.

5.  mod_dir does not extract the content-type of a filename correctly in
    the presence of a content-encoding.

6.  design error: sub_req_lookup_simple() assumes that if
    URL path /foo/baz corresponds to the file /a/b/c, then the
    URL path /foo/baz/./wom (= /foo/wom) will correspond to /a/b/wom
    This is incorrect if /foo/baz is an Alias, e.g.
    DocumentRoot /wibble
    Alias /foo/baz.shtml /a/b/c.shtml

    #include "wom"
    /foo/wom will be /wibble/foo/wom, not /a/b/wom

Code review bugs:
7.  spawn_child() does not unblock_alarms() on an error return.

Possible bugs:

8.  #include can be slow on Solaris
9.  Server push doesn't work. (ciws)
10. It sometimes ignores .htaccess files (ciws)
11. Cannot compile under BSDI
12. RFC931 doesn't work; incorrect use of static variables?


13. Apache is not C++ conformant; it overloads struture element names with
    types, which C++ disallows (yuk).


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