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From (David Robinson)
Subject Re: New scratch build, votes, etc....
Date Mon, 21 Aug 1995 18:28:00 GMT
Cliff wrote:
>I think we just need some standards.  One important thing we also need
>to track is conflicting patches, but that is easy enough to put in the file.
>I do indeed like your idea of bulding the database around the patch files
>themselves to keep all the data in one place.  Most excellent suggestion.

I don't agree. It is bugs or enhancement ideas that should be given
ids, _not_ particular patches.  I think it is unnecessarily restrictive to tie
a bug number to reference a particular patch. With bugs and patches as
distinct objects, one can have have several (competing) patches for a single
bug-id, e.g.
B01232-drtr-fix and B01232-rst-fix.

Even more importantly, is prevents the assignment a bug-id to a problem
_before the patch has been written_. It's already clear that 'uninteresting'
bug reports fall through the cracks in the mailling list; nobody is interested
in fixing them, so they are forgotten.

To this end, I've updated the patch-db software to enable it to list
patches by type, so that one can display unresolved problems.

Two final comments:
1. Any solution that requires interactive use of hyperreal is unacceptable to
2. For any solution that uses cgi scripts on hyperreal, the scripts can
   be run directly by hyperreal users (albeit with some output post-processing,


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