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From (David Robinson)
Subject AllowOverride bug (was Re: Better Solaris fix...)
Date Thu, 17 Aug 1995 15:16:00 GMT
Rst wrote:
>Re: your patch for the AllowOverride problem --- I'm not sure I understand it.
>In particular, it isn't clear why you're just merging the override portion
>of the current directory's config, rather than the whole thing (is it to
>continue to give whatever else is there the ability to override any .htaccess
>file, or is there some other reason?).

Yes. I could do
  new_config = merge (previous config, access.conf directory config)
  if (new_config->allowed_override)
       htaccess_config = parse_htaccess()
       new_config = merge(previous config, htaccess_config)
       new_config = merge(new_config, access.conf directory config)

As you say, it's so <Directory> directives override .htaccess files.
However, I thought that merging the entire configuration lists just
to get at the new value of AllowOverride was inefficient.

>[ I'm also not sure of the purpose of some of the changes you made to
>  directory_walk --- for instance, the first chunk of your patch shuffles
>  around the assignment to the variable core_dir, but it *looks* like it
>  winds up with the same value as it had in the base code.  Again, I have
>  the awkward feeling I'm missing something... ]

Sorry about that; I rearranged a few lines when I was trying to understand
the code; I moved a few assigments to be closer to where the values
were used.


P.S. I think this bug is important to not go unfixed in the next release.

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