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From Brian Behlendorf <>
Subject Re: Second beta release?
Date Thu, 17 Aug 1995 12:22:44 GMT

If I'm following things right, there are two competing patches for the 
solaris hangs (rst vs. drtr?) I'd like to see some resolution on that 
before releasing 0.8.9.

Please check out docs/known_bugsnew.html on the web site to see if there's 
anything else we want to solve before 0.8.9....

Two other random comments:

1) in my opinion file locking on log files is just plain bad.  I found 
this out tonight while setting up some tricky internal web stuff - I want 
to have two wholly separate daemons on two separate ports logging to the 
same error and access log file, so I don't want to have one trying to 
block the other by locking the log files.  

2) We noticed that if DocumentRoot was a symlink to a directory somewhere
else, the server died on parsing the httpd.conf complaining that it wasn't
a directory.  In the same vein, we had a need for a DocumentRoot that 
might not exist at web server launch time, so we slightly modified 
http_core.c to make the DocumentRoot-doesn't-exist condition a warning 
instead of a fatal error.  Do others think this is appropriate for apache 
to do?


On Wed, 16 Aug 1995, Robert S. Thau wrote:
> It's been a week since 0.8.8 was publically released, and we've accumulated
> a whole bunch of bug fixes, none of which have made it to the users yet.
> We still aren't in shape for a "non-beta" release, and there are still
> bugs we need to decide how to fix *best* (including both Rob's ScriptAlias
> bug and the file-locking business), but all the same, I think it's time
> to start distributing the fixes we have.  So, I'm calling for a vote on
> distribution of 0.8.9 plus my scoreboard-locking patch, while we decide
> what to do about the rest of this stuff.  My vote on the issue is +1...
> I'm not going to put anything up immediately, but if we get sufficient
> +1s and no vetoes, I'd like to have something up, say, tomorrow evening.
> [ If new fixes do appear subsequently, well, the page does say that
>   we may be changing things rapidly, so I think we have that option ;-) 
>   What I really want to avoid is the situation we had with the first
>   beta, where we're perpetually holding off for a day or two at a time
>   ... ]
> rst

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