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From Brian Behlendorf <>
Subject known_bugs in 0.8.9
Date Wed, 16 Aug 1995 04:45:48 GMT

Okay, I moved the problem with irix and the default group being #-1 to 
"compat_notes" - or did someone identify that as an actual bug?  
Regardless, a good error message as to the problem would be welcome.
(silent core dump when "Group" directive in httpd.conf is numberic)
Oh, I see rst's post that we should address it... well, setting it to 
"nogroup" caused it to work, the real problem was the lack of diagnostics 
more than anything else.

Also, hopefully the last bits of info I sent were enought to look more at 
the solaris hang people were seeing.

The other three remaining known bugs:

1) Scoreboard mechanism.  Did we decide to move this to the logs 
directory?  If so, can we make it htstatus.<port> rather than 
htstatus.<pid>?  It would seem to make the problem of lots of 
/tmp/htstatus.* files go away.

2) Symbolic filesystem links don't work properly with MultiViews
content negotiation enabled.  I.e., if you have a DocumentRoot of
/www/docs with /www really being a symlink to /export/www/docs,
content negotiation will not work.  

3) ErrorDocument is a little shakey, '" Some text %s' doesn't
agree with the documentation.

Any others?


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