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From Brian Behlendorf <>
Subject Re: Updating features for Apache (fwd)
Date Mon, 07 Aug 1995 22:05:11 GMT
> *Runs under*
> Windows95:  No
> *Launching*
> Can serve different directory roots for different IP addresses: Yes
> *Logging*
> Log files can be automatically cycled or archived: No
> Normal (hit) log entries can be customized: Yes
> Can write to multiple logs (such as for certain kinds of hits, or
>      different logs with different record formats): Yes
> Server can generate non-hit log entries (such as comments): No (????)
> CGI scripts can generate log entries: Yes
> Performance measurment logs: Not yet :)
> *Protocol support and includes*
> Name given in "Server:" header: Apache
> Ability to send dynamic documents or images (server push): Yes (what server can't?)
> Access to server state variables from CGI or other scripting: Yes
> Reply with different documents based on client headers such
>      as Accept, User-Agent, or URL: Yes
> Includes based on HTML comments: Yes
> Includes without using CGI or HTML comments: No
> *Response headers*
> Automatically include any HTTP headers for HTML documents
>      (without using CGI): Yes (.asis?)
> Automatically include any HTTP headers for non-HTML documents
>      (without using CGI): Yes (.asis?)
> *Security*
> Allow access to different data hierarchies based on the client's IP address: Yes
> Configurable user groups (not just a single user list): Yes
> Can change access control list without restarting server: Yes (.htaccess)
> *Other*
> Real-time performance measurement tools: Not Yet
> Remote maintenance while server is running: No
> Script or action based on MIME content-type: Yes
> Also acts as an HTTP proxy server: No
> Proxy server also caches: No
> Includes custom user interaction tools (chat rooms, BBS-like systems): NotYet 

Corrections, please!


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