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From Brian Behlendorf <>
Subject Re: Announcement text...
Date Mon, 07 Aug 1995 17:37:22 GMT

This is great!  Send it, if you haven't already.


On Mon, 7 Aug 1995, Robert S. Thau wrote:
> Call it terminal indecisiveness, but I like to let these things sit
> for at least a little while before sending them... barring complaints
> or second thoughts, I'll send this after lunch.
> Subject: New Apache server BETA release...
> The Apache project is proud to announce a new beta release of its
> server, Apache; see for pointers to code and
> documentation.  This release features ---
> *) non-forking server pool operation on all systems, with the size
>    of the server pool dynamically adapted to the observed load (so
>    you don't have to guess how many server processes you need ---
>    if you can get that right, you're doing better than us ;-).
> *) API for server extensions.  Just about anything can be done through
>    the API, and in the server code itself, most things are (including
>    all forms of authentication, CGI, server-side includes, etc.).
> *) Better handling of languages in Content Negotiation --- in
>    particular, MultiViews can now be configured to recognize certain
>    suffixes (*.fr, *.en, *.de, etc.) as signifying the language of the
>    text in the file (a frequently requested feature).
> *) Full NCSA 1.4 compatibility, via optional modules which implement
>    the RefererLog, RefererIgnore and UserAgentLog features.
> Finally, we have some experimental modules, both to illustrate the
> possibilities of the API, and to give a preliminary indication of
> future directions for our own code (though the official versions of
> these features will probably differ somewhat from these experimental
> versions).  These include:
> *) An experimental replacement for the standard logger, which 
>    supports a LogFormat directive allowing you to control the format
>    of lines in the access_log (and to add such fields as Referer and
>    User-agent).
> *) A module which uses the GNU dld library (if you have it) to load
>    other modules at runtime.
> This code has undergone an internal beta test for the last several
> weeks on some very busy servers, and is believed to be more or less
> stable; however, it is still beta code, and those valuing stability
> above all else may wish to continue using the more mature release
> 0.6.5 code for the next week or two; after that, we anticipate a
> further, non-beta 0.8.x release fixing any minor bugs which are
> uncovered during this test period.

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