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From Brian Behlendorf <>
Subject Re: Votes for 0.8.12...
Date Tue, 29 Aug 1995 23:57:31 GMT

In the interested of validating my +1 votes, I only gave +1's to patches 
I actually tested, or find mostly cosmetic.

On Tue, 29 Aug 1995, Robert S. Thau wrote:
> Add whatever comments you like, but please keep these in the same order...
> +1 patch11.access_cleanup --- Eliminate compiler warning from mod_access.c.
>    [Robert Thau]

> +1 patch11.bad-namesrvr --- Behave more sanely when the name server loses
>    its mind [Sean Welch]
tested - I killed my nameserver and then completely restarted httpd, and 
it returned "Cannot resolve host name --- exiting!".  Much
preferable to a core dump.

> +1 patch11.bsdi-rfc931 --- rfc931 code compiles cleanly on old BSDI releases 
>    [Randy Terbush]
compiles fine on BSDI 2.0

> 0  patch11.bsdi-longsz --- handle fsize include directive on old BSDI releases
>    (does not compile correctly, does not work under other systems).
>    [Bob Thrush]
not tested, obsoleted apparently by other patches

> +1 patch11.cgi-cleanup --- Delete inaccurate comment [Robert Thau]

> +1 patch11.config-script --- Make Configure script accept Module lines which
>    end in trailing whitespace.  [Robert Thau]

> 0  patch11.dyn-load --- Properly configure dynamically loaded modules
>    [R. W. Shufflebotham]
> 0  patch11.htaccess-first --- Lets .htaccess override <Directory> in 
>    access control, etc. [David Robinson]
not tested

> +1 patch11.imap_point --- add "point" directive to imagemap module [James
>    Cloos]
> +1 --- Don't pause three seconds after SSI includes
>    output of a CGI script or command which is too slow to die off.
>    [Robert Thau]

> 0  patch11.include-opt --- properly honor Options Includes (or more
>    accurately, properly honor turning it off). [David Robinson]
> 0  patch11.include-text --- Make IncludesNoExec work properly, by being
>    willing to include at least text/*.  [Roy Fielding]
> 0  patch11.lookup_uri --- Dike out speed hack in sub_req_lookup_uri which
>    was keeping some marginal cases (e.g., ScriptAlias of a *particular*
>    index.html file) from working properly [David Robinson]
not tested

> +1 --- Don't log an error when the requested URI
>    requires auth, but the client sent no auth line; this is not an error
>    (the client just didn't know auth was needed here), and shouldn't
>    be logged as such.  [Robert Thau]

> +1 --- Delete BSD #define from conf.h everyplace; also
>    cures the bsdi-longsz problem above.  [ Randy Terbush ] 
with the caveats as posted in my previous message - HAS_GMTOFF has to be 
defined in the __bsdi__ switch in conf.h.

> 0  patch11.rfc931 --- After a request which had ident data is processed,
>    don't give the same name on future requests, which do not. [David
>    Robinson]
> 0  patch11.virt-srvr-name --- Default ServerName for virtual hosts if
>    not specified.  [Robert Thau]
not tested.


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