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From Brian Behlendorf <>
Subject Re: Patches for 0.8.8 to 0.8.11 (fwd) {cosmetic}
Date Tue, 29 Aug 1995 21:45:22 GMT
On Tue, 29 Aug 1995, Chuck Murcko wrote:
> > Okay, but which platforms are you willing to be responsible for, i.e., 
> > when there's a vote ballot you'll compile it for that platform, and stay 
> > on top of any OS-specific bugs/dependencies?
> > 
> Well, I can be primary for BSDI 1.1/2.0, if Randy doesn't mind.
> I can also be a backstop for FreeBSD or Solaris, since others have
> spoken for those...

Hey, redundancy is cool (I'm also listed for BSDI 2.0).  

> We here at Telebase (others, not me) can supply periodic patches
> and regular updates testing for the other OS (Linux and UnixWare).

Unixware is definitely needed - I don't know any other members who are 
using it. (though I'm sure some are)


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