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From Alexei Kosut <>
Subject Re: nomenclature
Date Mon, 21 Aug 1995 06:24:53 GMT
On Sun, 20 Aug 1995, Robert S. Thau wrote:

> Note added in proof: of course, use of this sort of info in modules
> probably ought to be minimized to the extent possible, because it will
> lead to proliferation of code which has to be adapted to further
> changes of the protocol.  To the extent that stuff stays in the core,
> and ideally to within http_protocol.c itself, it's that much easier to
> adapt the server to protocol changes.

Well, let me give an example of the sort of things I was thinking about:

Right now, the content-negotation code prevents caching of documents by 
witholding the Last-modified header. This is the only way to ensure that 
all current proxies don't cache the document, although it doesn't let local 
client caches work either, which is bad. Now, from my understanding of 
recent discussions on the http-wg mailing list, HTTP 1.1 will have a 
response header along the lines of "Pragma: private", which will ensure 
that proxies will not cache the document, but local caches can.

Now, this is perfect for content negotation, but we'd only want it to 
happen with requests labeled HTTP/1.1 and later, as they are the old ones 
we can be sure will support the header. For HTTP/1.0 requests, we'll 
still want to simply not send Last-modified.

Hmm... wait. Never mind. I just checked the code, and apparently the 
neccessary change would in fact be in http_protocol.c, and 
mod_negotiation.c would remain the same. Oops. Guess you did a nicer job 
of programming this thing than I had figured. :)

Still, the concept still holds. Doesn't it?

Alexei Kosut

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