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From Alexei Kosut <>
Subject Re: promoting apache
Date Wed, 09 Aug 1995 03:01:48 GMT
On Mon, 7 Aug 1995, Randy Terbush wrote:

> I like it!  I've attempted to make a smaller version using only black
> and have managed to keep it down around 1k. That's the only drawback
> I see with your image. 

Well, I don't agree that 2877 bytes is too large, and I see that other 
people agree with me, as my image has begun popping up in places. 

However, if you really feel it's too large, I created a 1024 byte version 
(ok, so it's not technically under 1k, but it's pretty close), at It's the same as apache_pb.gif, but the 
kerning is a tad tighter, and it uses 11 colors (dithered) instead of 
168. I don't think it looks quite as nice, but if you want it, there it 

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