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From Brian Behlendorf <>
Subject Re: module for mSQL user authentication [Vivek Khera <>] (fwd)
Date Tue, 08 Aug 1995 18:57:33 GMT

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To: Brian Behlendorf <>
Subject: Re: module for mSQL user authentication (fwd) 
Date: Tue, 08 Aug 1995 11:05:31 -0400
From: Vivek Khera <>

| I've created /dist/contrib/modules/ on the apache server, and put this 
| module there.  We should create a README file there to describe how to 
| add these modules to Apache.

I'm glad to see that directory.  Hopefully more people will start

Here's a first cut at a README for that directory.


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How to add modules to Apache

To add a module to the Apache server, you need to edit the file
``Configuration'' in the source directory.  There are two things to

1) Does the extension need any extra libraries to be linked in?

   If yes, then add the name of these libraries to the EXTRA_LIBS variable
   in the file.  For example, to link the mSQL authentication package,
   you need to add -lmsql to the list.  If your library is in a
   non-standard location, you will also need to specify the path using
   the -L/path/to/lib/dir option before the -l option.

2) Does the extension need any extra include paths to find header files?

   If the include files needed by the module are in a non-standard
   place, then chances are you will need to add the path to those
   files to the compile command.  For example, if the header files for
   the mSQL authorization package are in /usr/local/Minerva/include,
   then you will probably need to add -I/usr/local/Minerva/include to
   the CFLAGS variable in the ``Configuration'' file.

Next, copy the source file for the module to the Apache src directory.
Now you must add the module to the list of modules.  This is as simple
as adding a line like this to the ``Configuration'' file:

     Module module_name module_code.o

where the tag ``Module'' tells the Configure program this is a line
describing a module, the ``module_name'' is as defined in the source
code.  Look for a line that is something like this:

     module msql_auth_module = {

followed by some definitions.  This is the name of that module.  The
``module_code.o'' tells the build process the name of the object file
containing the code to implement the module.  This is the same as the
name of the source file with the ``.c'' replaced by ``.o''.

Run ``Configure'' followed by a ``make'' and the new module will be
added into the httpd program.

List of Contributed Modules

mSQL authentication
  Souce file:    mod_auth_msql.c
  Module name:   msql_auth_module
  Last Update:   5-AUG-1995,  Vivek Khera <>

  This module adds the capability to use the mSQL client/server
  database to hold user passwords for the Basic Authentication scheme.
  Group authorization lists are not implemented in mSQL -- use either
  the original flat-file or the DBM versions of this feature.  Full
  documentation of how to use it is in the file.

  The mSQL database can be obtained from  
  See also for more information.

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