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From Andrew Wilson <>
Subject Re: Web Servers Survey, version 1.0 (fwd)
Date Thu, 31 Aug 1995 20:51:56 GMT
> > Many people ask "Which Web server software is the most popular?" The best
> > way to find out is to directly survey the thousands of Web sites using HTTP
> > commands. The results of a recent extensive, scientific survey of this type
> > can be found at:
> > <>

Wheeee!  Well, it's concise, I'll give it that much.  The survey's from
a base of 2000 servers with an 85% response rate.  My (yawn) version
is from 20000+ servers with a similar response rate. The results are broadly
similar too.  I'd argue that 2000 is not a big enough sample set.  Heh, if
you asked 200 *.EDU servers at 'random' you'd swear blind that the whole web
was built on top of Appletalk.

I guess if you only ever wanted to read one survey in your entire life then
this is as good as any.  I wish he's been a bit more thorough tho.

> > --Paul Hoffman
> > --Proper Publishing

Ay (avec beaucoup chagrin)

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