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From Rob Hartill <>
Subject Re: Voting rules/guidelines
Date Wed, 30 Aug 1995 21:40:08 GMT
> } instead of the above as a filename convention, I think it better to
> } have the id as an extension, e.g
> } 
> }       ScriptAliasKaboom.0.8.11_01
> I'd actaully prefer to keep the id at the begining.  That way the default
> sorting will show new patches at the end.  This may be an issue if you are
> using ftp where you can't add options to sort by date/time.

The reason for having them at the end is so that when viewing the patch
directory via www, you get to see the more helpful part of the filename
(filenames get truncated by Apache :-).

It's a matter of taste I suppose.

How about


as a compromise.

> } Changes to a patch (typically a new patch with the old one withdrawn) should 
> } be clearly documented with comments in the patch header.
> If a second patch is created it should have a new ID. I think you
> may be saying this, but I'm not sure

I am. Patches should be frozen (bar changes to the header blurb), and 
replaced when the patch itself changes.

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