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From "Dirk.vanGulik" <>
Subject Re: The server stops responding (fwd) {linux}
Date Tue, 29 Aug 1995 20:20:02 GMT
Make it four;

I recognize the freezing during peaks. But our system would always
come back after a few minutes and the processes would be cleaned
up ok.

> Okay, we now have 3 people with the same problem.  I'm not one of them.
> All three seem to be hanging after alot of requests comein.  This could be
> one of the reasons my doesn't hang, I don't get alot of people at the same
> time.  
> I have no idea how to follow it.... but the socket error thing seems 
> to be the problem. 
> Any ideas before we start punching clocks out?

A badly configured Cisco router at this end gave a very simmilar
problem. There is IMHO no reason or relation why it should have
interfered; but it did. The router was reconfigured to be a bit
more tolerant on the number of collissions; and the socked problem
went completely away. But our machine would always free itself slowly 
in a matter of minutes. 

I only can offer this observation; as the problem went away and I
cannot reproduce it and most of the load has been shifted to another


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