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From Rob Hartill <>
Subject Re: NEXTSTEP bug fixes (fwd)
Date Tue, 29 Aug 1995 12:39:04 GMT
>   We have the chance now to fix a serious bug with a ready made patch
>   (even if it needs a little tinkering). Pushing it aside to suit an
>   unannounced timetable is IMO a bad thing.
> The schedule was announced and agreed to well in advance.

I'm talking of a public announcement.

>   We're going to look bad releasing code with known bugs *and* known
>   fixes.
> Funny.  No one seemed to mind that, certainly not *you*, when 0.8.8 had
> been the current release for nigh on three weeks, and I was *desperate*
> to get something out the door which included bug fixes, some of which we
> had had in hand for almost all of that time, which were at least as
> serious as this.

different issue. We now have a fix that you want left out because of
bad timing, not because some people aren't ready for any release.

> Now, if you like, I could skip the procedural stuff altogether, put together
> a release with the patches I thought made sense, and put it out.  But that
> would be undemocratic, and I would get flamed to a crisp.  So you want votes
> --- but if that system is going to work, then we must actually vote on
> things, and not keep putting it off.

We are voting.

There's a choice here, release .12 with a known bug for which we
have a fix, or extend the voting timetable a little to have it in .12
I just can't see the urgency to get .12 out with the known fix omitted.


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