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From (Robert S. Thau)
Subject 0.8.11 + all patches available for testing...
Date Mon, 28 Aug 1995 18:49:10 GMT
I've made a copy of my current test build available on,
as apache_0.8.12x.tar.* in <> (as
ever).  This contains all but one of the patches submitted for this
round, in the latest versions available to me; the things that you
might expect to see which you won't are:

*) patch11.bsdi-longsz [Doesn't apply cleanly, and when applied
   manually, wrecks things on SunOS; has the
   same effect in a hopefully more benign form].

*) The *very* recently submitted patch to not call gethostname on
   Solaris --- merits aside (I do have my doubts), it came in after
   the cutoff for entirely new patches.  [Procedural pedants please
   note:  I did allow additional changes to patches which had already
   been submitted during the discussion period, to work out problems
   with them --- that's what the discussion period is for].
Everything else is in there; trying this out will at least tell you if
some patch which you wouldn't have tried otherwise turns the server
belly-up on your system.

Voting starts tomorrow...


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