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From (Robert S. Thau)
Subject 0.8.11 -> 12 patch round now closing.
Date Mon, 28 Aug 1995 09:40:27 GMT
I just put three new patches on hyperreal; they are the ones I saw
since yesterday.  They are --- 

patch11.bad-namesrvr --- Behave more sanely when the name server loses
   its mind [Sean Welch]
patch11.bsdi-longsz --- handle fsize include directive on old BSDI releases
   (does not compile correctly, does not work under other systems).
   [Bob Thrush] --- Delete BSD #define from conf.h anyplace; also
   cures the bsdi-longsz problem above, but may not work on all systems.
   [ Randy Terbush ] 

The patch catalog on hyperreal has been updated.

The patch round is now closed --- I'll take new or cleaned up versions
of these patches for the 0.8.11 round, but new patches will go on to
the next round, for 0.8.12 (barring matters of extreme and compelling
urgency, such as major security holes).


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