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From (Robert S. Thau)
Subject Patches on hyperreal...
Date Thu, 24 Aug 1995 21:49:57 GMT
I just put six patches in the httpd/patches/for_Apache_0.8.11
directory on hyperreal; I believe these are everything I've seen since
Monday which is *not* a self-described extension.  All of them apply
cleanly against 0.8.11 in the version I put up (well, at least when I
try it), and all have descriptions of the intended purpose of the
patch at or near the top of the file, even if I had to write them

As to voting schedule --- we'll probably have enough for another round
by the end of the weekend (i.e., enough for things to get unworkable
if we go too much longer than that); my current thoughts are to have
all patches in by Sunday evening, Monday for discussion, and a
Tuesday/Wednesday vote.  I hope this will be workable for everybody.

As to the patches themselves, these patches are: 

patch11.bsdi-rfc931 --- rfc931 code compiles cleanly on some BSDI releases
   [Randy Terbush]
patch11.dyn-load --- Properly configure dynamically loaded modules
   (second, corrected version) [R. W. Shufflebotham]
patch11.htaccess-first --- Lets .htaccess override <Directory> in 
   access control, etc. [David Robinson]
patch11.include-opt --- properly honor Options Includes (or more
   accurately, properly honor turning it off). [David Robinson]
patch11.include-text --- Make IncludesNoExec work properly, by being
   willing to include at least text/*.  [Roy Fielding]
patch11.rfc931 --- After a request which had ident data is processed,
   don't give the same name on future requests, which do not. [David

Randy had already uploaded bsdi-rfc931 (so for that, I guess I just
added the description ;-); he also uploaded the patch from James Cloos
which adds the "point" directive to mod_imap.

I guess this is a borderline case --- the imagemap module doesn't
support a directive which the imagemap script, which it is meant to
replace does; is fixing this removing a bug or adding a feature?  The
former is tempting.  (I added a description here too, just in case the
purpose wasn't blindingly obvious from reading the code).  This is, at
least for the moment:

patch11.imap_point --- add "point" directive to imagemap module [James

For the heck of it, I've verified that it too applies cleanly against
0.8.11, and that a server with *all* of these patches at least
compiles (though I haven't tried doing much with it yet).

As Brian points out, anyone who wants a more formal database of
patches is free to create one, and convince the rest of the group to
use it... if not, I may have a go at building that mailbot I was
talking about earlier sometime in the next few weeks, but it's not on
my front burner.  


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