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From Andrew Wilson <>
Subject Re: hypermail archive? patch database?
Date Thu, 24 Aug 1995 12:19:19 GMT
[mail archives]
> I use glimpse to index ~30,000 files, it has great promise, but it
> lacks important features for common searches, e.g. if you want to search
> across multiple lines, all the regular expression stuff stops working.
> Doh !.
> Their coding style is a little "different" too. They love to use "system"
> to do things they should code themselves. I'm sure glimpse could be written
> in perl in a fraction of its current size.

So, I take my Apache mail archive home each weekend and waisindex it.  Then
when I'm clueless I consult the oracle and run a search for stuff like:

	bug and cgi and slash

and up pops all the mail messages containgin references.  WAIS is cool.

I should give you the code I guess...

> rob
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