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From (Beth Frank)
Subject Re: page counter module
Date Tue, 22 Aug 1995 14:44:54 GMT
> Ooo, I was just thinking that a counter module can be easily
> adapted into a load-cuttoff module.
> When a URL reaches a particular count (also specified in the
> modified counter file), the server can return a rejection response.
> An external program can be used to reset the counter periodically.
> So a server admin can effectively limit the number of times any
> URL can be accessed. 
> A smarter module could reject all requests but those which leave a 
> count divisible by N.. so for every N requests made, only 1 is
> serviced to completion.

Wouldn't this cause the same behavior, that was objected to earlier
where the user would just keep hitting reload because sometimes they
see a response and sometimes they don't?

	-Beth Frank
> Food for thought.
> rob 

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