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From (Robert S. Thau)
Subject Vote early, vote often...
Date Tue, 22 Aug 1995 09:51:57 GMT
Here's that ballot I was threatening to send around.  It lists the current
patches, and my votes --- replace those with your own.  FWIW, my 11x build
is a quick way of trying out all of these (except the license patch, which
doesn't affect the actual code any).

+1 patch10.access_cleanup --- clarify init code and nuke bogus warning
   in mod_access.c [Florent Guillaume]
+1 patch10.config-cleanup --- Corrects several directives in sample srm.conf
   --- includes corrections to directory indexing icon-related directives
   (using unknown.gif rather than unknown.xbm as the DefaultIcon, doing
   icons for encodings right, and turning on AddEncoding by default).
   [Roy Fielding]
+1 patch10.dir_cmd_tab --- Correct descriptions of args to AddIcon and AddAlt
   in command table [James Cloos]
+1 patch10.dir_index --- Don't reset DirectoryIndex to 'index.html' when
   other directory options are set in a .htaccess file.  [Robert Thau]
+1 install.diff --- mention "contributed modules" directory [Brian Behlendorf]
+1 patch10.dist-readme --- ditto [Brian Behlendorf]
+1 patch10.license --- fix English in the license language...
   "for for" --> "for".  [Roy Fielding]
+1 patch10.log-noaccess --- Log access failures due to symlink checks
   or invalid client address [Fielding, Thau]
+1 patch10.scripta-rst --- Fix ScriptAlias by moving ScriptAlias handling to
   mod_alias.c, merging it almost completely with handling of Alias, and
   adding a 'notes' field to the request_rec which allows the CGI module
   to discover whether the Alias module has put this request through
   ScriptAlias (which it needs to know for back-combatibility, as the old
   NCSA code did not check Options ExecCGI in ScriptAliased directories).
   [Robert Thau]
+1 patch10.solaris-loop --- Don't loop for buggy CGI on Solaris [Cliff Skolnick]
+1 patch10.symlinks --- make FollowSymlinks and SymlinksIfOwnerMatch check
   the file being requested itself, in addition to the directories leading
   up to it. [Robert Thau]
+1 patch10.symlinks-again --- make FollowSymLinks deal correctly with systems
   where lstat of "/path/to/some/link/" follows the link.  [Thau, Fielding]

(Rob H. said not to bother with his ScriptAlias patch, so, well... I haven't
bothered with it).

The vote closes in something like 24 hours from now.


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