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From (Beth Frank)
Subject Re: Directory indexing
Date Mon, 21 Aug 1995 21:20:02 GMT
We recently had a debate at NCSA about this very topic.  We
decided not to remove the redirect to encourage people to
properly reference directories.  Remember that if you don't
send a redirect, you at least need to update the location 
header to include the trailing slash.

		-Beth Frank

>From Alexei Kosut :
> I was recently playing around with a server running CERN httpd 3.0, and I 
> noticed something: When Apache (or NCSA httpd) have a directory, say 
> /directory/, which does not have an index file and therefore 
> autogenetates an index, and you request /directory, it redirects your 
> client to /directory/. CERN doesn't do this, but instead simply builds 
> the index list with the correctlinks to make it work.
> Now, this seemed to me like a sensible thing to do, since it saves a
> redirect, and gives the exact same result. So I patched Apache's mod_dir.c
> to do this. I'd imagine we'd want to hold off on thinking about this until
> the version after 0.8.x, and new features are okay again, but I thought
> I'd share it before I forgot about it.  Following is a context diff based
> on 0.8.10's mod_dir.c. It seems to work when I tried it, although I may
> have missed something. 

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