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From (Robert S. Thau)
Subject Re: Patch db interfaces --- mailbot?
Date Mon, 21 Aug 1995 14:18:58 GMT
   Date: Mon, 21 Aug 95 18:28 BST
   From: (David Robinson)

   Even more importantly, is prevents the assignment a bug-id to a
   problem _before the patch has been written_. It's already clear
   that 'uninteresting' bug reports fall through the cracks in the
   mailling list; nobody is interested in fixing them, so they are

Hmmm... with my proposal, you could try to accomodate this with a
"patch file" that has just a description, and no patch.  This leaves
the case of multiple fixes to the same bug --- if they all have the
bug-id as a prefix, though, it doesn't seem terribly hard to make the
web front-end grok that B97-sprays-ketchup, B97-use-mustard-instead,
and B97-ditch-condiments are all associated with the same problem and
display them appropriately.

   To this end, I've updated the patch-db software to enable it to list
   patches by type, so that one can display unresolved problems.

   Two final comments:
   1. Any solution that requires interactive use of hyperreal is unacceptable to
   2. For any solution that uses cgi scripts on hyperreal, the scripts can
      be run directly by hyperreal users (albeit with some output post-processing,

That's what I had in mind --- running the same program, which would
act by CGI conventions if invoked that way, and do something sensible
if run interactively.

Actually, something which might be even easier on users would be a
mail robot interface... the idea would be to have a mail alias, say,, which would take directions on the subject
line as to what would do with the body... e.g.

  Subject: NEWBUG --- Apache 1.1.21 sprays ketchup on Foonix kitchencomputers

...would assign a new bug ID (and forward that and the info to the
main list, diddling the headers appropriately), while (assuming a bug
ID of 97 for this problem)

  Subject: Re: B97 --- patch: ditch condiments

would note further work.  (The point of having this be a separate
alias, rather than having the robot monitor the main list, is that,
IMHO, some active action should be required to affect the db, lest the
robot get confused about notes that aren't *really* meant as
directions to it).

This holds at least the prospect of any easy way of keeping things
from falling between the cracks --- forward a copy to bugtraq and it
will be remembered...


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