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From Brandon Long <>
Subject NCSA HTTPd V1.5b3 is now available (fwd)
Date Mon, 21 Aug 1995 16:43:25 GMT

Seems this didn't go out friday like it was supposed to, so here it 
is again.

----- Forwarded message from Elizabeth Frank -----

NCSA HTTPd version 1.5beta3 is now available.

The list of changes is at

I've also tagged those items on the HyperNews page
that have been fixed.

We believe the intermitent problem that occurred
under load has been fixed.  We would appreciate
it if those people who had encountered problems
under high load would test this new version of 
the server.

	Thank You,
		Elizabeth(Beth) Frank
                NCSA Server Development Team

----- End of forwarded message from Elizabeth Frank -----

 Brandon Long		"I think, therefore I am Confused." - RAW
 HTTPd/SDG/NCSA/UIUC  "Here's a nickel, kid.  Get yourself a better computer."			-"Dilbert" by Scott Adams 6-24-95	Consider myself properly disclaimed.	

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